The Sand

by JP Haynie

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  • 10 songs about the desert and other related themes. Recorded on cassette July 2009-April 2011. Released as ALF002.

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released July 16, 2012



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Track Name: Family River
The clouds had covered sunshine till wind blew them away.
The dark stretch through the valley then received the light of day.
I then stared staring at the lifeless grass below,
yellow from the season when the valley fills with snow.
"My family river flows here” I said,
I saw it in my youth, I felt it flowed forever,that it lead me to the truth.
This valley now is barren and river I see none.
It must have dried up lonely beneath the desert sun.
Track Name: The Sand
I was in somebody else’s care, my lord
I walked with tumble weeds in my hair, my lord.
Laid down, on the ground, my lord.
I walked a hundred miles on my hands, my lord.
To where the river runs to the sand, my lord, my lord.
And it gave me my name and I washed myself and I walked away.
I was not alone, although my caretaker had left me that way.
And I felt it strong, so I sat with him the rest of the day.
We sat outside till evening had come, my lord.
Then we ate supper, slept until dawn, my lord, my lord.
In the morning I rose, I rubbed my eyes a while and I cleaned my nose.
I saw he was gone, I saw the river and I heard how it flows.
I laid on the ground and listened calmly while I put on my clothes.
And I was alone and the sand was my home.
Track Name: New World
In the morning shines the face of those who in this world have won. Standing firmly in the new world, all of their trials are done.
Just like they told you, we’ll soon be gone to that place.
And I will hold you when I have gone to that place.
We’ll live forever for time is gone from that place.
And I will hold you when I have gone to that place.
Track Name: Peaceful River
My wife is standing over Jordan.
I’ll cross over thru the night.
Peaceful river, rolling over all our troubles makes us light.
Track Name: In the Desert at Night
Evening came and I could see the sun
duck behind the shadow of the house.
I could not remember you at all,
all I could remember was the cross.
I awoke beside the open door,
my mind removed from visions of the past.
I closed my eyes so I could ask for more.
But I knew not whom that I should ask.
Oh, can I be born again? In this dream world I resign,
let this other life be mine.

Still in bed I sat up in the dark
to think about the things that I had seen.
In the air the sandman left his mark
and sent me back to Utah in a dream.
All alone again this time, and I woke up in the sand,
left to shiver in the pines.
Track Name: Sand Dream
I made my way through the sand.
At peace, on my own.
I sat down on the ridge, I slept on a stone.
And I dreamed I was home, I was outside the door.
No more sweat on my head, no more sand on the floor.
And I felt I was young, like when my hair was still long.
When I lived like I should, I lived through my songs.
And the window was lit, my new hope in the dark.
A clean place I could sit to rest from my work.
Track Name: Holy Cross
Track Name: How Quickly We Forget
Oh, how quickly we forget all the good things that have passed.
All the tenderness we felt, It’s all gone now
and there’s darkness in our heads.
Oh, how quickly we forget all the things we wanted most.
Trade them all for something else we don’t need now,
just a lifetime of regret.
Living outside in a cave, left your manners all at home.
Talking bad about your friends, it’s no surprise you’re all alone,
and they’re your enemies instead.

Once ten lepers, they desired to be healed by Jesus’s hand.
Said, “Show the priests,”and so they tried,
and he healed them right before their eyes.
One of ten when he had saw, he turned back and gloried God.
Ten were cleansed but nine had walked and they’re gone now.
How quickly we forget.
Track Name: Marriage
Stand on the shore, I look to the sea.
And by marriage form our family.
We make our bed with the things that were said
with the lord, on the beach, joined in marriage.
Track Name: Evening #3
We watched the evening fall and we settled inside.
Then wind blew the trees around for the rest of the night.
We heard the rain again, through the window outside.
And wind blew palm trees around for the rest of the night.
Through the doors of the house our family river flows so wide.
We slept right through the sound,
wind blew palm trees around for the rest of the night.